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[18 Apr 2006|06:24pm]

does anyone have any snap shots from "fraud in the 80's" i want to make a dresser like that
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[23 Jan 2006|04:50pm]
neville here.
So, LJ was doing that thing where if you have an underscore in front of your user name yo ucan get a free rename token. So, I had a user name I never really used, so I renamed it this name mates_of_state because the name had been deleted and purged. I was in the process of switching over to this screen name when i realized i really didnt feel like moving. i have all my friends over at my old one & all my old entries. I dont want it to go to waste though, so I'm offering it to a good home, to anyone who will buy my account (neville) a paid account. =O I feel kind of bad doing this but i've wanted a paid account a long time and I dont have a credit card and dont want to ask my parents to buy it or theyll want to read my journal. ;_;. So yeah! If you're interested, just thought I'd tell you. :D
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a little late [24 Jul 2005|03:55pm]

i saw mates of state live and FOR FREE at siren(music festival) on coney island last saturday

anyone else go?

(i have pictures and videos ill post eventually)

it was my first time seeing them and it was so incredibly amazing,
plus, i met them.

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[14 Jul 2005|08:24pm]

[ mood | chipper ]

could anyone please send me team boo?????
i would love you forever and ever and ever
my sn= teenhheat

thank you!

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nariz de hammel [30 Apr 2005|12:00am]

this is really random, but i think it's pretty cute that jason's nose is extremely oversized.
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[08 Apr 2005|04:35pm]

i made this from an XL mates of state shirt i got at one of their shows:

hi, you can buy me here.
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KEXP Live Goodness. [22 Mar 2005|12:53am]

Hi, kids. Check out this link for the Mates' KEXP live recordings that aired earlier this month.

(If you listen to the interview, you can hear "Along for the Ride" in addition to "Fluke", "Goods (All In Your Head)" and "Whiner's Bio", all in Windows Media and Real Audio for your listening pleasure!)
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[18 Mar 2005|11:07am]

Mates of State is going on tour with Jimmy Eat World & Taking Back Sunday...

4-30 - Pueblo, CO - Massari Arena *
5-1 - Denver, CO - The Filmore Auditorium *
5-2 - West Valley City, UT - TBA
5-4 - Reno, NV - TBA
5-5 - Las Vegas, NV - House Of Blues *
5-11 - Fresno, CA - Selland Arena *
5-13 - Oakland, CA - Henry J Kaiser Arena
5-14 - Long Beach , CA - Long Beach Arena *
5-15 - San Diego, CA - Cox Arena *

Does this make anyone else a little sick to their stomach.
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first post [04 Mar 2005|06:10pm]

[ mood | that's all there is to it. ]

I am absolutely in love with Mates of State's cover of Starman!!

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[20 Feb 2005|02:04pm]

[ mood | anxious ]

I want to go to the Williamsburg show, but the little buy tickets icon thing has not been active. Is it sold out, or are they just not for sale yet. Sorry for more stupid questions, but what does AA mean?

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[14 Feb 2005|12:42am]
um, i just joined.

and am going to mates of state on thursday in phoenix.

excited, mostly.
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[12 Feb 2005|12:26pm]

pictures from the houston show last thursday.
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[09 Feb 2005|01:45am]

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[03 Feb 2005|06:00pm]

Anyone going to NFG & Eisley?

If you haven't heard Eisley - check them out:

Eisley's Official Website

Eisley Media Player

Just thought some of you might enjoy them<3
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[02 Feb 2005|06:42pm]
New Mates of State Video


Runner up!

(Even more completely different than yesterday, or the day before that, for that matter)
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[01 Feb 2005|01:12pm]

New Mates of State Video


1st Runner up!

(Completely different than yesterday)
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[31 Jan 2005|02:38pm]

New MOS video up!
Goods (It's all in your head) runner up!


It's honestly amazing.
I cannot wait to see the winner!
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[30 Jan 2005|01:24pm]

mates website isnt loading :(
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[18 Jan 2005|01:41pm]

hi guys! i just started a gj community for mates of state, so if you have a gj, pleaaase join! i'm the only member right now (hah) and i need a co-mod!!

love, kayleigh

edit: yeah.. so, i'm an idiot and forgot to put the link in here, so here it is.
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[14 Jan 2005|12:54am]

community for the polyvinyl fans! i'd appreciate if you'd join :)


if not allowed just delete.
thought at least someone might be interested!
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